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42nd Annual Convention
Albuquerque, New Mexico
September 16-17-18-19, 2019

Our 2019 convention will be held at Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The dates are September 16th thru 19th.  The Hotel Andaluz will be our convention hotel.  Participating private cars will arrive and depart on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief.

Our current schedule of events (subject to change) is:

Monday, September 16
– Cars arrive on Southwest Chief
– Registration and Welcome Gathering
Roof-Top Bar, Hotel Andaluz; Cash Bar

Tuesday, September 17
– “Perspectives from the Heartland: Economic Benefit of the Southwest Chief”
Tim Keller, Mayor, City of Albuquerque (Invited)
John Pritchard, Mayor, City of Galesburg (Confirmed)
– “Legislative Landscape and Call to Action”
Ross Capon, AAPRCO Washington Representative
– “Lessons Learned: Mechanical and Safety Update”
Rob Mangels, Sr. Mechanical Associate (Confirmed)
R.L. Banks & Associates, Inc.
– “Ask Amtrak”
  Michael DeAngelo, Manager – Charter & Special Movements (Invited)
  Stephen Robusto, Commercial Development Group (Invited)
– General Membership Meeting
– Members Car Tour and Reception

Wednesday, September 18
– Santa Fe Southern Special
– Depart on Rail Runner, Transfer to Santa Fe Southern
– Banquet Lunch (Legal Tender Saloon; Lamy, New Mexico)
– Explore Shops and Attractions

Thursday, September 19
– Tour of Wheels Museum, Inc.
– Barbeque Lunch
– ” Restoration of the Santa Fe 2926″ (Allan Alfeldt)
– Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, September 20
– Cars depart on the Southwest Chief

We will update this web page when more information is available.

If you have health conditions that may be aggravated by high altitude, please be aware that the city of Albuquerque sits 5,312 feet above sea level. Likewise, for those traveling on the Southwest Chief from Chicago, the elevation of the Ratón Pass is 7,834 feet.

NOTE: The convention is open only to members of AAPRCO, their family and their personal guests.  However, a limited number of tickets for a guided tour of participating private cars will be available for sale to the public.

Last updated June 16, 2019.