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A Chronology Of AAPRCO’s Other (Non-Convention) Special Trains

A List of Participating Cars Follows Below.



Midterm Special Train
Kansas City, Missouri
“The AAPRCO Kansas City Rocket”



No Midterm Special Train



Midterm Special Train

San Antonio, Texas



Midterm Special Train

Gulfport, Mississippi



Midterm Special Train

Cheyenne, Wyoming



Special Train

AAPRCO Kootenay Limited



Participating Cars

2017 (mid-term events at Kansas City, Missouri)
Chicago to Kansas City, one way, via Clinton IA and Nevada IA: Caritas, Cimarron River, Dagny Taggart, Northern Sky, Promontory Point, Sierra Hotel, Swift Stream and Vista Canyon.

The “AAPRCO Kansas City Rocket”.

2016 (mid-term events at Rock Island, Illinois)
A planned special train from Chicago to Iowa and return, to include mileage behind steam motive power, was cancelled.  Mid-term events planned for Rock Island were cancelled.  In there place, only a board meeting was held at Chicago.

2015 (mid-term events at San Antonio, Texas)
13 cars:
Albuquerque to Lubbock to Houston to San Antonio: Berlin, Birch Grove, Caritas, Cimmaron River, Dagny Taggart, Dearing, Oliver Hazard Perry, Puget Sound, Sierra Hotel, and Silver Iris. Added from Houston to San Antonio: Evelyn A. Henry, Texas & Pacific 1, and Warren R. Henry.

The “AAPRCO Texas Special”.

2014 (mid-term events at Gulfport, Mississippi)
12 cars:
Berlin, Caritas, Cimmaron River, Dearing, Federal, Georgia 300, Lamberts Point, Northern Dreams, Northern Sky, Pacific Sands, Prairie View, and Tioga Pass.

The “AAPRCO Mississippian – Gulfport Limited”.

2013 (mid-term events at Cheyenne, Wyoming)
9 cars:
Caritas, Dearing, Federal, Northern Dreams, Northern Sky, Promontory Point, Sierra Hotel, SuitsMe, and Yerba Buena.

The “AAPRCO Cheyenne Cowboy Limited”.

2012 (special event at Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada)
11 cars:
Burrard, Caritas, Chapel Hill, Federal, Northern Sky, Pacific Sunset, Pony Express, Promontory Point, Puget Sound, Sierra Hotel, and Swift Stream.

The “AAPRCO Kootenay Limited”.

This was AAPRCO’s first non-convention special train.