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Built by ACF in 1922 for Wabash RR top officials. Ownership assumed by Norfolk & Western in 1964. Purchased by the Stillman family in 1974. Mechanical improvements and interior refurbishments make this car one of the country's premier private cars for travel in the USA and Canada. The car's name is a tribute to the Long Island Rail Road's "Cannon Ball" train, which provided parlor car service between New York City, the Hamptons, Amagansett and Montauk.

Currently owned by Silver Rails, Inc.

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The Dearing, as she is now known, rolled out of the Pullman shops in 1925. She was originally named Thompson and was one of nearly 4,000 sleepers built and operated by the Pullman Company. The 12 section - 1 drawing room design was the single most popular Pullman floor plan.

The all-steel Thompson, built for the Great Northern Railway, was operated on the Oriental Limited between Chicago-St Paul, Seattle-Tacoma and Portland. After the Oriental Limited was withdrawn in 1931 the car was placed in Pullman pool service until she was sold to the Chicago Great Western Railway in 1948. She was leased back to Pullman and again operated in pool service until the lease was withdrawn in May 1950.

The car was rebuilt in the early 50’s as an office car and numbered 100. She contained 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, dining room, observation end, platform, kitchen and crew room. The car served in this capacity until the CGW was merged into the Chicago & North Western in 1968.

Under C&NW ownership the car was numbered 401 and at some point was outfitted as a track geometry car and the 3rd bedroom removed. The number was changed to 403 in 1981 and in 1985 the name Minnesota was added. The car then operated in the C&NW office car fleet until the C&NW was merged into the Union Pacific in 1996 when she was sold to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

NCDOT kept the C&NW paint scheme and the name Minnesota but renumbered the car 400000. The state only ran the car on a few special occasions and made very few internal and external changes.

The current owners purchased the car in Oct 2006 and re-designated it Dearing with the number 29. The name is in honor of the owner’s grandfather an Agent-Operator for the Georgia Railroad who lived in the town of Dearing and spent most of his career as the Agent at Dearing.

The Pullman Green paint with gold leaf lettering and extended “PULLMAN” in the letter board honors the car’s heritage from 1931 to 1950 as a Pullman sleeper. “Georgia R.R.” in gold leaf lettering in the 4 corners framing the letter board replicates the lettering of the 4 Pullmans that were owned by the Georgia Railroad. The car has had a complete mechanical update, completely rebuilt trucks and refurbished understructure. All elements have been removed, restored to meet structural standards, inspected and certified by Amtrak.

The riding comfort and rich period appointments of this 1925 heavyweight office car are coupled with modern climate control, generator, water and waste water systems. This 5-star “hotel on wheels” will accommodate 6 overnight guests and a crew of two. If you need capacity for more guests, we will arrange for additional private cars. Our experienced on-board staff handles all trip approvals and communication with the railroads and ensures proper operation of the car's systems as well as providing attentive, personal service.

The Dearing provides a luxurious traveling experience like no other for special occasions, corporate meetings, family vacations and group reunions.

Visit http://www.dearingrailroad.com/ for more information.

Currently owned by Nelson and Borden McGahee.

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The Francis L Suter was built by Pullman in 1914 for the Pennsylvania Railroad. For most of its life it was called the Illinois and numbered 7506. In 1957 it was numbered 7503 and named the Harrisburg. It passed into private ownership in 1971. It is the only car with an original wood-burning fireplace.

Currently owned by Richard Stewart.

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The Oliver C. Joseph was originally PRR 104 the Quaker City and built in Altoona. It was purchased by legendary Pullman Conductor and Strasburg Railroad President William Moedinger and subsequently sold to my father in October of 1975. He had the Strasburg shops repaint the car into Great Northern livery to represent his favorite railroad and named the car after his father Oliver C. Joseph with the number 1914 representing the 1st year in business of our Dodge Dealership-now the worlds oldest. Mr. Moedingers son Linn was insturmental in lots of renovations and repairs. The car stood outside at our old location until March 2006 when we moved it to our new facility where it resides in the "Train Shed" and is used almost daily. It is filled with my mother Grace's china collection who ran the Private Car Limited for many years. Please give me a call at our agency at 618-233-8140 or visit our website: olivercjoseph.net for further info or a visit.

Currently owned by Brad Joseph.

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The Silver Star started life as Union Pacific 10-6 sleeper "Pacific Scene". Following a total rebuild into a blunt-end observation business car, the Silver Star made its first trip ever in the Fall of 2012. In June of 2013, the Silver Star began its move westward to its new home at the Arizona Railway Museum located near Phoenix, AZ.

Visit www.silver-star.us

Currently owned by Fred Stout.

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Dome CarsFull 360 degree viewing over the top of the train.
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Puget Sound


Built in 1955, for the Great Northern Railway by The Budd Company, the Puget Sound (GN-1323) traveled the Empire Builder route between Chicago, Seattle & Portland. It later did service on Amtrak's western routes (Amtrak 9463) until retired in 1985. It was acquired by the current owners in the late 1990s and was completely refurbished as a dome/sleeper/diner in 2001.

The Puget Sound is based in St. Louis.

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SILVER PESO (800065)


SILVER PESO was built by Budd in 1950 as Wabash dome coach 200 for assignment to their Chicago - St. Louis "Blue Bird" train. It was later N&W 1610 and then Amtrak 9560. Silver Peso is currently stored in Schellville, Sonoma County, California. Much work has been accomplished to repair, refurbish and upgrade the car to Amtrak certification.
The process of converting the vestibule into a larger open observation platform, initiated by the previous owner, is being completed.

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Sierra Hotel


The Sierra Hotel, originally Silver Lounge, was built in 1948 as a mid-train lounge and dormitory car for use on the California Zephyr by the CB&Q, and later with BN. It was taken over by Amtrak at its inception and saw service on both the North Coast Hiawatha and Texas Chief. The car began private charter operation in 1980 after being acquired from Amtrak. It then began the transformation into its current configuration as a domed business car after changing private ownership in 1989. It has been in private and charter use ever since.

The Sierra Hotel is based in Chicago.

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Northern Sky


The Northern Sky is a restored ex Union Pacific 9000 series dome lounge car. It now has four bedrooms, a full galley, and seating for fourteen in the dome for dining and was named Northern Sky after the reconditioning. It is currently owned by David Hoffman and based out of the Chicago, IL, coach yard. The car can be chartered for travel to all areas of the country except New York.

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Sleeping Cars
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Built by Pullman in 1956 as Union Pacific 11 double bedroom sleeper "Placid Lake". To Amtrak 2263. Rebuilt for American-European Express as AOEX 800255 Berlin. Acquired by current owner in 2009. Reconfigured with kitchenette, 3 master bedrooms with full size beds, 1 single bedroom (crew x 2), 1 master bedroom with upper and lower berths, & 1 Presidential Suite (sleeps 4). Diesel generator. Daytime capacity of 30; sleeps 12 plus 2 crew. Easy day-to-night conversions. Spacious rooms - all with private showers, sinks and toilets. Room layouts can be modified to suit specific tastes and needs. Attentive staff. Meal service available. Handsome mahogany interiors enrich the luxurious decor of this executive sleeping car. An outstanding stand alone or companion car. The first ex-AOE car in private excursion service.

Currently owned by Kevin Moore.

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The National Forum was delivered to the Union Pacific Railroad in 1956 by the Pullman-Standard Company. It has six roomettes, four double bedrooms, and six open sections, making it one of the last cars built in the U.S. with upper and lower berths behind curtains. PRS has owned the car since 1971, using it in excursion service. The interior is totally authentic, and PRS operates and displays the car as an example of typical Pullman equipment in the post WWII era. PRS is a non-profit educational organization which maintains a library and museum in the former Santa Fe station in San Dimas, California, and a collection of non-operating but historically important passenger cars. PRS also continues to operate excursions including those using the National Forum, which has been modernized to meet all Amtrak mechanical standards.

Currently owned by Pacific Railroad Society.

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Sleeper-Lounge Cars
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Built in 1949 by the Budd Co. for the New York Central Railroad as a 5 double bedroom, buffet, observation lounge and operated on their famed streamliner the "New England States" which operated between Boston and Chicago.

Operated by the Pullman Co. until 1958 when the car was retired and sold to the Canadian Pacific Railroad and renamed Seaview. The CPR operated the car between Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto, CPR retired the car in 1969 and sold it to the Quebec Mining Company and they renumbered the car to #847. During its ownership under Quebec Mining Company the car was used as an official car for QMC & US Steel executives. QMC sold the car in 1986 to a private owner in the United States and since the QMC railroad was landlocked the car had to be shipped by barge to live rail and then shipped back to the U.S. Once the car arrived back in the U.S. it was rebuilt to Amtrak certification and has been an active car ever since.

Currently owned by Webb Rail LLC.

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NYC "Swift Stream" was built for the New York Central in 1949 and has been thoughtfully restored and updated to give the essence of first class streamlined rail travel while paying attention to the details today's traveler expects.

The car features six double bedrooms with upper and lower beds. These can be converted into three master suites with lower beds. Each bedroom has its own enclosed lavatory and toilet. There is a well appointed shared shower facility.

The lounge area can seat up to 16 guests and is the social hub of the car. There is a complete galley for food and beverage preparation. Full meals are presented on crisp white linens and served on vintage railroad china.

On board service is provided by a professional chef and steward.

The Swift Stream operates an an independent car or can be combined with a full sized sleeper providing food and beverage service for both cars. The car is based at the beautiful Kansas City Union Station.

The Swift Stream is operated by NYC Investments. To charter this car, contact our Chef/Manager Gerry Lemmons at 303-909-6832 or gerry@nycswiftstream.com

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Built by the Budd Company in 1950 as 10-roomette 6-double bedroom sleeper "PACIFIC ISLAND" for Pullman first-class service on the Union Pacific. Owned and operated by Amtrak from 1971 to 1995. One of the first sleeping cars converted to head-end power by Amtrak for operation with their new Amfleet cars. Acquired by current owner in 1999. Major repairs and upgrades, including conversion to six double bedroom lounge configuration, completed in 2002. Renamed "MOUNT VERNON" in honor of George and Martha Washington's estate on the Potomac River in Virginia.

Currently owned by Dominion Rail Voyages, LLC.

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New York Central Two Rivers - Originally named Scioto River, #10223. - 10 roomette/6 Bedroom Sleeping Car - Pullman constructed in February 1949 by P-S in Lot #6790 to Plan #4123. 1 of 97 cars in River series, part of the NYC's Great Steel Fleet. Sold to Canadian National in March 1965 as #2092 "Hay River". To VIA in April 1978 as #2092 (same name). Retired March 1982. Sold to Excursion Lines Limited of Rochester, NY in February 1983. To New Georgia Railroad as #2000 in 1987. Sold to Tom Whitted of Easley, SC at NGRR auction in August 1995. Amtrak # 800032. Converted to Sleeper-Lounge with removal of 9 of 10 roomettes. Named Palmetto State. Sold in March 2006 to Roger and Gloria Stabler of Woodland, CA. Extensively rebuilt. In September 2008, named Two Rivers and repainted into NYC original colors. Remains Sleeper-Lounge, with 6 Bedrooms/1 Roomette.

Owned by Roger and Gloria Stabler.

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Colonial Crafts


The Colonial Crafts is owned by Bob Lowe and is based in Washington D.C. / Harrisburg, PA.

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