The 2015 Spirit of St. Louis – Thanks to one and all!

Monday, October 5th, 2015 was the last day aboard the Spirit of St. Louis as the convention train headed home from St. Louis to Chicago.

The Spirit of St. Louis leaving West Quincy, MO heading for Chicago.

The Spirit of St. Louis passes Downers Grove, IL en route to Chicago along the former CB&Q.

The video above shows the 2015 AAPRCO Convention train, the Spirit of St. Louis arriving into Chicago.

Thanks to everyone who shared images and video from along the way. Also a thanks to everyone who made the trip possible including the host railroads, Amtrak, the AAPRCO staff, the individual private car owners and the passengers who rode the train. You all made this happen. From those of us who could not be there in person, everyone of you deserves our thanks!


The Spirit of St. Louis in Louisville – WDRB 41 TV


It is an early morning in Louisville, Kentucky and the Spirit of St. Louis is visited by Keith Kaiser of WDRB 41 television as the train is parked near Lannan Park.

Enjoy these video segments as Keith visits aboard the Dearing with Taylor Johnson and Borden Black, the Sierra Hotel with Bob Donnelly and the Pacific Sands with Doug Spinn.


Videos of the Spirit of St. Louis from 9/27/15


A fine assortment of private cars in Chicago, many getting ready for the Spirit of St. Louis 2015 AAPRCO Convention train. Photo by Seth Reynolds, from the AAPRCO Facebook Page.

With the first day of the trip to St. Louis behind, enjoy some videos from Youtube of the train en route to Cincinnati!

First up, a view at Muncie, Indiana:


At Hamilton, Ohio:

At Reading, Ohio on the Indiana and Ohio Railway:

And another view at Reading:

And from Camden, Ohio with pacing of the train and arrival into Cincinnati:

More videos to come!

Burrard, Promontory Point and Suitsme headed to Chicago

Things are getting busy as cars head to Chicago for the start of the 2015 AAPRCO Spirit of St Louis.

From Youtube, user A. Train:

The eastbound “California Zephyr” passes through a rural railroad crossing east of Agency, Iowa on September 24, 2015. Amtrak train #6 has been routed onto Main 1 today. This track is usually reserved for westbound trains.

The first car on this train is the heritage baggage car AMTK 1206. These baggage cars don’t have much time left, as Amtrak is currently replacing them with new ones. This one started its life working for the Santa Fe Railway as ATSF 3504 after being built by the Budd Company in 1953. On a normal day, a heritage baggage car would easily be the oldest car on the train, but that’s not the case this time.

On the end of this “Zephyr” are three private cars. The first one is the Canadian National touring car “Burrard.” The second one is the Central Pacific (former Union Pacific) “Promontory Point.” It was originally built for the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad. The last varnish is the “Suitsme” Pullman business car which first belonged to the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad.

After #6 passes the crossing, it goes over a BNSF defect detector. Its report is eventually heard over the radio scanner.

Amtrak 46 GE P42DC
Amtrak 130 GE P42DC
1206 baggage car
39029 transition dormitory
31043 baggage-coach
34058 coach
34024 coach
33035 sightseer lounge
38059 dining car
32006 sleeping car
32064 sleeping car
32075 sleeping car
PPCX 800591 (ex-CN 1098) “Burrard” touring car
PPCX 800724 (ex-UP 105) “Promontory Point” business car
PPCX 800998 (ex-BAR 100) “Suitsme” business car