Events of All Types – Aboard Private Railcars


One of the great things about travel by private railcar is that you can host virtually any event aboard. Any event you can plan, can be held while the train travels along it’s route.

Take the above view as a good example. A couple was looking for a unique venue to hold their wedding and reception. They had looked about at some interesting places. The various assortment of halls, restaurants, golf courses, wineries and more. With a small guest list of less than 40 people for the ceremony and reception, they just were not able to find something they liked in the Los Angeles area. I suggested a private railcar, traveling between Los Angeles and San Diego. The Pony Express was the perfect choice for them, with space for both the ceremony and reception afterward. And by choosing the right schedule, they were able to have the ceremony along the shores of the Pacific Ocean near San Juan Capistrano near sunset for just the right romantic touch. It was a great time aboard, complete with a tiki theme.

Over my years aboard PV’s, clients have chartered cars for event of all shapes and sizes. Everything from an intimate 50th birthday party with a small group of 5 guests to an 80th birthday with family and friends to a corporate Christmas party for 125 which took 4 cars from the San Francisco Bay Area to Reno for an overnight. I had one client who used a private railcar for an annual sales conference. He loved the fact that he had his sales force aboard – all in one place – during the trip. Usually, he held the event at a hotel, and he noted people passing in and out of the ballroom during the meetings. Instead, he had them all together. And they enjoyed a good golf outing the next day before they returned home on the last of 3 days.

So, you name it, the private railcar can be a great place for any event. Maybe that 50th class reunion or even a milestone wedding anniversary? Why not look a bit beyond the usual venues and enjoy the trip of a lifetime for your next event!