Seeing what private railcar travel is all about


There is an old story of a grand society dame arriving in New York City. A member of the press inquired how she enjoyed her trip aboard her private rail car. She replied “that it was something to which one could become easily accustomed to.”

I can think of no better way to see for yourself than any of the trips listed on the Travel Opportunities page of the AAPRCO web site. Joining a group traveling to an interesting destination is a wonderful way to experience it firsthand. Make new friends along the way as you take in all the sights to be found.

For example, imagine yourself aboard the Virginia City, shown above, rolling the miles by. The passing panorama as revealed from the observation lounge is something you just will not experience flying along at 35,000 feet. And the 2014 Pine Tree Limited offers passengers some rare miles as it travels from Chicago to Portland.

Why not plan to share those miles and that experience with folks who share the same interest? Travel by rail in a style and elegance only found on a private railcar.