Spirit of St. Louis, the road to Louisville, Kentucky


The Spirit of St. Louis, seen crossing the trestle at Salvisa on its way west toward Louisville. Photo courtesy Gage O’Dell.

Tuesday, September 29th saw the Spirit of St. Louis travel from Cincinnati, Ohio to Louisville, Kentucky. There were many brave individuals out in the rain long the way. Captions and images courtesy Gage O’Dell, who was one of them.


NS 951 crosses the RJ Corman Diamond in Shelbyville in the pouring rain with a pair of Amtrak P42DCs leading 20 passenger cars on the AAPRCO St Louis Convention Charter.

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Amtrak Phase I heritage leads NS 951, the AAPRCO St Louis Convention Charter, through the Southern Searchlights at Avenstoke.


Amtrak 156, the Phase I heritage unit, leads NS 951 through the searchlights at Salvisa.


On a gloomy and grey day, a pair of Amtrak P42DCs lead the AAPRCO St Louis Convention Charter through the tight confines of Harrodsburg.


A shot that will never be duplicated ever again. NS 951, the AAPRCO Saint Louis Convention passenger train, rolls under the Southern searchlights at Delaplain on a gloomy and rainy fall day with the Amtrak Phase I heritage unit leading.

The searchlights expiration date looms in the next couple weeks as the Rogers Gap extension project nears completion. As well as rare mileage of Amtrak power on the CNO&TP. Only once, if not just a handful of times, has Amtrak power ever led on this line, and that was back in the 1980s when they ran a test train down the Central Division for a potential passenger route that only went as far as the testing.


For the first time in well over 30 years, a pair of Amtrak GEs lead a passenger train on the Norfolk Southern Central Division as they take the AAPRCO Saint Louis Convention Charter across the Ohio River Bridge and into the state of Kentucky.

The Spirit of St. Louis in Louisville – WDRB 41 TV


It is an early morning in Louisville, Kentucky and the Spirit of St. Louis is visited by Keith Kaiser of WDRB 41 television as the train is parked near Lannan Park.

Enjoy these video segments as Keith visits aboard the Dearing with Taylor Johnson and Borden Black, the Sierra Hotel with Bob Donnelly and the Pacific Sands with Doug Spinn.


Spirit of St. Louis – More from Cincinnati


From the Cincinnati Enquirer by Patrick Reddy –

A train comprised of 20 vintage railroad cars built between 1923 and the 1950’s is stopped on the tracks just east of Montgomery Inn Boathouse. The train, pulled by an early 1990’s “Heritage” diesel locomotive, is bound for St.Louis and the convention of the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners.


David Hoffman, left, owner of the domed car Northern Sky – a 1952 sleeper-loung-dome car – talks with Jeffrey Galani.

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The Caritas, built by Pullman in 1948 as a 14 roomette, and four bedroom sleeper now sports an Art Deco paint job and the interior has been re-configured to include one master bedroom and four standard bedrooms.


Jack Sprung, left, and Al Walker, car attendants on a 1948 Pullman sleeper car, talk in the narrow corridor of the car.


Interior of a 1925 Platform Office Car.


Place setting aboard a 1925 Platform Office Car.


Exterior of a Pullman “half-dome” car.


A train comprised of 20 vintage railroad cars built between 1923 and the 1950’s is stopped on the tracks just east of Montgomery Inn Boathouse.

Videos of the Spirit of St. Louis from 9/27/15


A fine assortment of private cars in Chicago, many getting ready for the Spirit of St. Louis 2015 AAPRCO Convention train. Photo by Seth Reynolds, from the AAPRCO Facebook Page.

With the first day of the trip to St. Louis behind, enjoy some videos from Youtube of the train en route to Cincinnati!

First up, a view at Muncie, Indiana:


At Hamilton, Ohio:

At Reading, Ohio on the Indiana and Ohio Railway:

And another view at Reading:

And from Camden, Ohio with pacing of the train and arrival into Cincinnati:

More videos to come!

Louie, the St. Louis Bear


Continuing a tradition of many AAPRCO specials, Borden Black shares the adventures of Louie, the St. Louis Bear, as he heads for Chicago aboard the Dearing to join the 2015 AAPRCO Spirit of St. Louis. Seen above, Louie relaxes with Jack Heard before leaving Jacksonville.


Louie safely aboard the Dearing as the trip to Chicago begins.


A fine dinner of shrimp and grits! Louie is full now…


Arrived in Chicago, Louie waits for the trip to the coach yard.


Louie safe with a seat by the window to oversee the necessities along the way of the Spirit of St. Louis.