Where shall we go?


One of the great pleasures of travel by private railcar is the variety of destinations that await passengers. Not to mention the scenery to be viewed along the way!

Start with a simple fact. In most cases, private cars can travel on any route serviced by Amtrak. And you can choose from a day trip or an overnight one. For example, out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we are lucky enough to have a good variety of choices. Long distance trains such as the Coast Starlight to Los Angeles or the California Zephyr to Reno both offer a great ride with some of Amtrak’s best scenery. On the Starlight, it is the classic 113 miles along the shore of the Pacific Ocean – some of which can only be viewed from the train. On the Zephyr, crossing the Sierra Nevada along the route of the original transcontinental railroad passes through some mighty pretty mountains – especially when covered in the winter snows. The Starlight takes roughly 12 hours from Oakland to LA and the Zephyr travels from Emeryville to Reno in a little more than 6 hours. Both offer great choices in what to do or see once you arrive at a destination.

On shorter day trips? The Bay Area has the Capitol Corridor between San Jose and Auburn or the San Joaquin route between Oakland and Bakersfield. Both have their own attractions including a connection to the Yosemite National Park or Sacramento’s California State Railroad Museum. The latter features a great display of vintage travel including a private railcar, the “Gold Coast”. Once the traveling home of bon vivant Lucius Beebe and partner Charles Clegg, today it offers museum visitors a peek into travel by private railroad car in the mid-20th Century.

Overnight! Something magical about sleeping overnight aboard a train, awakening to find the new sights of another day. Again, out here, it is the Starlight to Portland or Seattle; or the Zephyr to Salt Lake City, Denver or Chicago. Both continuing the spectacles of scenic vistas along the way. Yes, sir! Nothing like the nice hot breakfast, enjoyed after a restful night aboard the private railcar of your charter.

But don’t let the West be your only choice. Amtrak routes cross the country. From north to south, east to west, trains travel offering a wonderful way to see the miles as they roll by. Be it backyards, small towns or big cities, the choice of destinations and the private cars to enjoy them from is only the beginning of your own adventure. Check out the list of cars available for charter on the AAPRCO web pages. Or join a trip already planned and see what lies ahead. Again, AAPRCO offers trip opportunities on it’s pages.

Still curious? Don’t stop yet! Again, read on here and find out more about what you can enjoy¬† aboard.

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