Travel by private railroad car – something for everyone!


Often when I first describe the concept of travel by private railcar, I am met with two comments. The first being, “Passenger trains? I thought those were long gone!” The second usually follows. “I did not know such a thing was possible.”

As the photo above illustrates (taken in late September in Seattle as cars gathered for the Napa Valley Limited), both comments are indeed well taken. For many people, travel by train is something their grandparents or parents may have done, a long time ago. Trains like the 20th Century Limited or the Coast Daylight are fondly recalled. Travel in an elegant way, long before the Interstate highway or jet planes whisked us away to what ever destination called. And as to the visibility of travel aboard a private railcar? Not much of a surprise either.

With so many distractions today, be it just the hustle and bustle of work, family and life in general, competition for the disposable income (from everything starting at the local fast food emporium to the theme park industry to destination resorts), the pace of entertainment in the home and out… You can get to the conclusion rather quickly that travel by private railcar is the domain of an exclusive few.

Farther from the truth one could not be. For any event you can name, from the most static possible, can also be enjoyed while traveling aboard a private railcar. Working with the staff of the car (or cars as the case may be), even a simple birthday party becomes the most memorable celebration. Everything from a class reunion to a wedding and reception to that annual sales conference can and is held aboard a private railroad passenger car.

And that’s a great part of what this blog – The Step Box – is going to share in the posts yet to come. With the imagination and experience available among those cars for charter, it is not difficult to add your next event to those private railcar experiences so well remembered by those who traveled aboard.

Here’s hoping you can be joining in the fun soon!