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Location:West Virginia Capacity:Day 42


This is a parlor/lounge car with daytime seating for 42 people. The Braddock Inn features 18 Captain Chairs which recline and have a small fold out table at each seat. The car also has 6 table seats which hold four a piece. Also, the car has a full service kitchen with a stove, two ovens, refrigerator, sink, and lots of dry storage.


The Braddock Inn was built February 28, 1949 as a 21 roomette sleeper for the Pennsylvania Railroad numbered 8246. The car operated on “The Iron City Express” as a regularly assigned car. It worked on the Indianapolis Limited as a through sleeper. When delivered, it wore a full Tuscan Red color, with gold lettering and a Black Roof. In 1956, it was renamed the Peter Schoenberger. In 1963, Braddock Inn was converted to a 64 seat coach with a 12-seat smoking section for corridor operations and renumbered 1509. When converted to a coach, the car was changed from tuscan red to a stainless steel coach. As No. 1509, it served on the corridor through the 1960s into the Penn Central era and beyond, until it was sold to New Jersey Transit in 1976. New Jersey Transit, in turn, sold it to the Maryland Department of Transportation, and in 1994, the car was restored to first class service again. It had come full circle from its days when it was a first class car on the Pennsylvania Railroad. MARC converted the Braddock Inn in the early spring of 1994 to a cafe-parlor car and put the Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone, as well as the car’s original name, on the letter board. This cafe-parlor car operated until 2001 on one of MARC’s express commuter trains between Washington, DC and Martinsburg, WV and, according to all reports, the seats were usually filled. It was nice to see the car back in first class service after spending almost thirty years as a corridor coach and commuter coach after its days as a 21 roomette sleeper on “The Iron City Express”. The car was then renumbered 5411, and was eventually acquired by MARC and rebuilt for use on the Martinsburg, WV train until 2003. Now, the Braddock Inn is owned, and operated by the Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society, Inc. The car was acquired by CPH in September 2004. The CP Huntington group operates the Braddock Inn on their annual New River Train Excursions in October, as well as operating the car to New York City, Washington, DC, and other charter destinations.

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C. P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Chris Lockwood, Representative
Post Office Box 393
1323 8th Avenue
Huntington, WV 25701


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