Location:California Capacity:Day 16, Night 8

Large 10-seat observation lounge accommodates your entire party with ease. Two drawing rooms and one compartment in original Pullman style; shower and dressing room; open rear platform; dining room with large-view windows and kitchen for full meal and bar service.  We offer satellite TV/Radio, GPS, Wi-Fi, Play Station, BluRay player, MP-3 player compatible complete stereo sound system throughout the car. Interior paneled in teak and mahogany.

Built by Pullman built in 1942 as Imperial Drive for C&NW-UP-SP Overland Route service. Sold to C&NW in 1947.  Sold to Autoliner Corporation in 1965 and rebuilt to business car. Purchased by Rail Ventures in 1982 and extensively rebuilt and redecorated for deluxe charter service in 1987 and again in 1990.

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