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LA Rail (AAPRCO Black Hills Special)

Mar 03

LA Rail will send two of its fleet of private railcars to travel on AAPRCO’s May 2018 special train. TIOGA PASS, a former CN business car, and PACIFIC SANDS, an ex-UP streamlined sleeping car, will leave Los Angeles on May 13 on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief heading for Chicago. At Chicago, these cars will join others heading for Lincoln, Nebraska, the starting point of AAPRCO’s Black Hills Flyer. On May 17th, this 11 car special train will head West toward Alliance, Nebraska, and then North to Gillette, Wyoming, the heart of the Powder River Basin. After spending several days in the Powder River Basin, the train will wind it way through the coal routes and arrive in Denver. At Denver, AAPRCO’s Spring meeting will take place. On May 25th, TIOGA PASS and Pacific Sands will depart Denver, heading back to Los Angeles via Salt Lake City and Oakland, on Amtrak’s California Zephyr and Coast Starlight. These positioning moves before and after the special train will be full service trips with meals prepared on board and sleeping car space for all passengers. Of course, all passengers will have access to both cars on the trip. Fares for selected portions: (per person)

LA to Chicago:  $1100.00
Albuquerque to Chicago:  $700.00
Kansas City to Chicago:  $250.00*
Chicago to Lincoln:  $250.00*
Denver to Salt Lake City:  $300.00*
Denver to Oakland:  $850.00
Oakland to Los Angeles:  $250.00*
Denver to Los Angeles:  $1050.00
* = Day trip

Please note: The special train portion of this magnificent journey (Lincoln NE to Denver CO) is being marketed separately.  A different fare and AAPRCO fees will apply to the special train portion of the trip. The trip and fares quoted above are for movement of the cars to and from the special train only. These fares for the positioning movements before and after the special have been discounted to provide an opportunity for those who might not have traveled on private cars before.

Questions?  Call Norm at 760 953 9620.