Positioning Move to New Orleans (September 13-15th)

Jul 28

New Orleans Fall Farewell
September 13 (14) – 15, 2017

Clients often ask us (American Rail Excursions) about opportunities to ride inexpensive positioning moves.  We have one for you now, from St. Louis to Chicago and on to New Orleans.  Single bedrooms, double bedrooms and suites are available from $799. Passengers may use our cars as their hotel in New Orleans through September 17.

So, if you have no interest in riding AAPRCO’s convention special train and want to enjoy exceptional value for your fare, please join us.

Contact Frank Corley at 313-300-8411 or Carole Sheeler at 417-818-5969 or Roger Verbeeren, Jr. at 618-451-0100.