2020 Convention & Special Train


May 06

Due to circumstances beyond our control (virus pandemic), we decided to cancel all of our planned 2020 convention activities at Burlington VT.

However, the good news is that our “American Autumn Explorer” special train from Albany-Rensselaer NY to Burlington VT (via Rutland, Hoosick Junction and North Bennington) is still a go!

Just imagine… Crisp mountain air. Scenic mileage. Stunning fall foliage. Open platform and dutch door riding while operating on Vermont Rail System. Fine dining. Good times with friends old and new.

Anticipating this scenic, special-train journey is just what you need right now to get you through this year of home confinement and numerous limitations on your usual activities. So go ahead! Start making plans to join us in New England this September.

Our special train departs Albany-Rensselaer NY on Sunday September 27 and travels to North Bennington via Whitehall, Rutland and Hoosick Junction. After spending the night at North Bennington, we proceeded to Burlington.

Our three days (Monday September 28 thru Wednesday September 30) in Burlington allows plenty of time for you to explore local attractions.

After we conclude our visit to Burlington on the morning of Thursday October 1st, it’s time for our special train to head back to Albany-Rensselaer. We’ll bid goodbye to our friends, and you are headed home, basking in the glow of another memorable AAPRCO special train and thanking yourself for the plans you made earlier this year as you practiced social distancing, dreaming of good times to come!

This page was updated on September 27, 2020.