AAPRCO 44th Annual Convention


Apr 29

44th Annual Convention
Chicago, Illinois
September 3 thru 5, 2022

The year 2022 marks forty five years since AAPRCO was founded in 1977.  Our 2022 convention, which will be our 44th annual convention, will be held at Chicago, Illinois, on Metra.  The dates are Saturday September 3rd thru Monday September 5th, which is the Labor Day holiday weekend. 

PVs gather in Amtrak’s Chicago yard. We will then be switched over to Metra, parking over the weekend at LaSalle Street Station. A Metra special train with our PVs will tour one or two lines that Metra typically operates. We will conduct our usual convention activities in Chicago. Cars will be returned to Amtrak’s Chicago yard.