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Blue Ridge Club 



Albany-Rensselaer, NY


Day 40, Night 8


Built by Pullman-Standard in 1950 as a 5 Double Bedroom/Buffet/Lounge Observation. Originally Number 2500 “BLUE RIDGE CLUB” for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway’s Streamliner “The George Washington” (Cincinnati, Ohio to Washington DC and Louisville, Kentucky to Washington DC). Converted in 1961 to a 3 Double Bedroom (Dormitory) Kitchen/Diner/Observation and renumbered to 1923. Acquired by Amtrak in 1971 and operated as Car Number 8200 “BLUE RIDGE CLUB”. The car went into private ownership and was modified to its’ present configuration of 3 Double Bedrooms and 1 Master Suite with Kitchen, Dining and Observation Lounge (Blunt End).  Since the car is a Blunt End it can operate equally well at the end of the train as intended or in a mid-train position.Join us in the observation lounge with seating for 20 dinner guests and 8 lounge guests. Throughout the car you can enjoy the benefits of the large picture windows (which are taller in height than most cars built in the 1940’s and 1950’s). The original Pullman Art Moderne styling exist throughout the car, especially in the large 28 seat dining/lounge observation room with the cove ceiling and indirect lighting. BLUE RIDGE CLUB has accommodations for 8 overnight guests in 3 Double Bedrooms (with upper and lower berths) and 1 master suite with a full-size lower berth. The Master Suite includes a private shower and toilet annex while each Double Bedroom has a bathroom annex in the room. There is an extra bathroom in the hallway with a common shower for the Double Bedroom guests. BLUE RIDGE has a full-service kitchen equipped with the latest cooking technology.  BLUE RIDGE CLUB is equipped with a 55KW diesel-generator (for power when not connected to a train). Guests can individually control the air conditioning and heating in each Bedroom. BLUE RIDGE CLUB is based in Albany-Rensselaer, NY.


Bill Gray 

Pennsylvania Pullmans Inc

Tel: (709) 914-5457

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