From Your President


Nov 02

I am honored to be serving as your president for the next two years. During this time, I plan to continue to move the organization forward and build on the accomplishments of my predecessors.

A little about my background: I have been a member of AAPRCO since 1998 and am a shareholder and owner of Sierra Hotel and Puget Sound. One or both of these cars (usually both) have participated in every AAPRCO special since 2002. Currently I am a managing partner of Stet and Query and Ampersand and Reset Partnerships, family owned investment vehicles. My last job was Co Director and then Director of Terra Museum of American Art.  Prior to that assignment, I was a commercial and Public Finance Director for the First National Bank of Chicago.

As your president, I am committed to continuing the dialogue with Amtrak and the freight railroads in order to hold costs in line, increase access and enhance parking opportunities. In order to solidify our position, we are dedicated to increasing our legislative presence both in Congress and at the local level. To that end, Ross Capon will continue to advocate for us on Capitol Hill.

Special trains are one of the backbones of our organization bringing car owners and associates together in the enjoyment of Private Varnish. With the help of Taylor Johnson, we will push forward with midterm and convention specials.

I am actively seeking volunteers to assist in many areas and hope you will contact me if you are interested in serving on committees. I look forward to working with you and hearing  your ideas and concerns.



—Bob Donnelley