Info for Car Buyers

The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) makes this booklet available to provide information and data you should know and consider in order to purchase, own and operate a privately owned railroad passenger car.

 It is intended for the future car owner who will operate his car on the Amtrak system. Be aware that the Private Varnish (PV) ownership landscape is changing all the time and you must undertake substantial research before venturing into the world of PV ownership.

 The venture into car ownership may feel a little daunting, but for those who have the “Time, Talent and Treasure” to pursue the “dream,” it can be very rewarding. To be blunt, the involvement with a private car entails a significant financial obligation, so prospective
 owners should have the financial wherewithal to afford the privilege. Also, be aware that, in spite of your dreams to the contrary, this should be a labor of love, as very few are able to actually run a car as a money making business enterprise.  NOTE: As of March 2019, we are working on updating this booklet, to reflect the current environment.  We hope to have an updated version available within a few months.

Download the PDF (click here)