Private Varnish Magazine

Private Varnish

We regret to announce that the AAPRCO board of directors has suspended indefinitely the publication of our Private Varnish magazine.  Refunds have been made to our 148 non-member subscribers based on the number of issues they were owed.

For 2018, the association spent about $55,000 to produce three issues of the magazine plus the annual Private Car Charter Guide. Revenue from advertisements and subscriptions by non-members brought in about $12,000, for a net cost of $43,000.  Suggestions have been made to convert the magazine to an electronic format to save printing and mailing costs. Alternate printers were also explored. However, the reality is that most of the cost for the magazine is in the creative and editorial work. So, electronic publishing and distribution would not greatly reduce our cost.

We owe a big thanks to Steve and Tanya at Andover Junction Publications for their many years of fine work producing the magazine. It has been a consistently beautiful, quality magazine and always receives compliments.  Alas, we can no longer afford it!  We also thank Publisher Bart Barton for his efforts over the years.

We are not selling back issues of Private Varnish magazine at this time.