Safety Report Published


Nov 18

onerail-logoThe OneRail Coalition, of which AAPRCO is a member, this week released a significant, 30-page report, Rail Safety in the United States.  Progressive Railroading gave the report a nice write-up which begins by observing that “about 200 lives could be saved a year if 1 percent of the nation’s 3 trillion annual vehicle miles traveled by motor vehicle were shifted to passenger trains,
according to a new report from the OneRail Coalition.”

Please feel free to share this memo as widely as you like, or just the link to the report with your own cover note.

Here is the introductory blurb on the OneRail web site: “Rail plays an important role in the nation’s transportation system. It is not only energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. It is also vital for economic development, constantly transporting freight and people across the United States. Above all, rail is historically a safe mode of travel, and with continued investment and technological innovation, is becoming even safer.”

Here are the last two paragraphs in the report’s cover letter from OneRail Coalition Director Anne Canby:

The positive safety trends in rail have been achieved through collaboration between railroads, their employees, customers, funding partners, and regulators, buttressed by significant private investment in the freight rail network, introduction of new technologies, and public outreach.

To continue improving rail safety, the rail industry’s attention is now targeted on lowering accidents internal to the rail network. Through improvements to rail operations and infrastructure, safer operating practices, improved inspection technology, and data analysis to closely monitor the health of the network, the goal is to make rail an even safer mode of transportation.