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Tioga Pass




Day 15Night 7


Built as number 23 (later number 93) by Canadian National Railways in its own shops in 1959. Assigned to the Vice President of the Mountain Region in Edmonton, Alberta. Sold to private owner in 1993 and purchased by current owner in 1996. Extensive modifications and upgrades of almost every system on the car since 2005. One of the most modern business cars available, Tioga Pass features a spacious oak-paneled lounge, four bedrooms, a dining room for eight, and a full kitchen. View the scenery from the open platform. Completely refurbished and upgraded. Part of the collection of vintage railcars.

Doug Spinn, Rep.
27525 Puerta Real, Ste. 100-315
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Day: (877) 4LA-RAIL
Day: (877) 452-7245

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