AAPRCO 2022 Sugarland Limited

Apr 20

Attention rare mileage enthusiasts!

We are planning an excursion around the rare mileage South Central Florida Express Railroad behind their 4-6-2 steam locomotive #148 (former Florida East Coast Railway).

Private cars will gather in Miami no later than April 22, 2022. On April 23, we will run special on Amtrak to Sebring, Florida, to interchange with the South Central Florida Express railroad. We will operate four days touring the majority of the railroad behind steam with off-train activities. We return to Miami on April 27 on Amtrak, where PVs depart on regularly scheduled Amtrak trains.

We are planning to have the Sugar Express steam locomotive #148 (former Florida East Coast Railway) power the AAPRCO special train on the South Central Florida Express Railroad. The current planning is to cover the entire line from Sebring to Ft. Pierce, Florida over several days. We are also planning a side trip to an online sugar mill. This railroad operates on the west side from Sebring to Lake Harbor on the former Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Passenger service to Clewiston, FL ended in the early 1950’s. The east side from Lake Harbor to Ft. Pierce is the former Florida East Coast Railway’s K branch. Passenger service ended on this line in 1948. We would only operate on the South Central Florida Express Railroad. The U.S. Sugar rail lines are not part of this excursion.

Here is the current operating plan, which is subject to change.

Check Travel Opportunities at this website to see which private cars will be participating in this special train and offering space to passengers.  You can also contact our Executive Director.

This will be an AAPRCO sponsored special train, so passengers must be AAPRCO members or the guest of a member.

Cars with space available:


It is possible some cars may have space available at a later date. Keep checking here for updates!