AAPRCO Special Train – American Autumn Explorer IV

Jul 13

AAE IV – Schedule & Routing (PDF)


For the 4th year in a row, AAPRCO is sponsoring a special train to tour the New England fall landscape. Our host railroads, Vermont Rail System and Amtrak, will take our exclusive excursion of historic and privately owned railroad passenger cars through eastern New York and Vermont.

Each car is operated independently by their owners, but the train is operated by AAPRCO under a special charter. Accommodations and pricing varies from car-to-car. If you are interested in riding the train, please contact our Executive Director, Julie King, and she can help connect you to a car owner that has space available.

The train will be parking each night and traveling during the day, so day rider only options are available on several cars.

Don’t hesitate to call! Space will sell out.

Email Julie at: execdirector@aaprco.com

or call: 706-326-6262 (M-F 9Am to 5PM CT)