Private Railcar Routes & Destinations

Travel by private railroad car is as varied and unlimited as your imagination and your resources. Private railroad car travel is an experience which simply cannot be duplicated by any other mode of travel. For business or for pleasure this experience will leave you with incredible memories. Each destination is a unique experience, as is each route traveled. For inspiration, you might want to read about one member’s recent trip from the East Coast across the Rocky Mountains to Salt Lake City.

Private cars can be added to most Amtrak trains at their starting points, and removed at most final destinations. In many cases, occupied parking is available right in the train station. En-route switching on or off the train is also available at some major stations along the route. Passengers can board or disembark from a private car at any regular Amtrak station stop. The current Amtrak Timetables show times and distances for each train.

Montreal has been the most popular destination in Canada.  It is accessible using Amtrak’s Adirondack from New York and Albany-Rensselaer.  Other Canadian destinations and routes are also possible, but they require the operation of a special train on Via Rail Canada.

These are just some of the possibilities. Private car travel, by its very nature, is customized for the needs of each individual trip. To start planning your own trip, even if you’re still at the “What if . . .” stage, please call or email one of the AAPRCO car owners who list their cars available for charter.