The Private Car Experience

Experience A Little Magic

Nobody waves at a jet. And when was the last time you heard someone comment on what a great flight they had … or the delightful meal they enjoyed at 37,000 feet? Yet this is what travel has become to the vast majority of Americans.

From the air the Grand Canyon is but a long scar in the earth, while the towering Rocky Mountains are simply a place that makes the air bumpy. A farm….well, I think that’s what those big green circles down there are on those open spaces.

Travel today is fast, convenient and moves vast numbers of people. Yet something seems to be missing. In increasing numbers Americans are rediscovering their love affair with the rails, and the magic that goes with it. An exciting part of this rail renaissance is the private railroad car.

While a jet moves you across the country, a train takes you thorough the country, treating the passengers to vistas that make the heart beat a little faster. From the urban hustle of the Northeast Corridor to the vast emptiness of the Great Plains, rail travel brings to the passenger a greater appreciation of this beautiful nation in which we live.

Private rail car travel provides the ultimate rail travel experience. These cars, saved from the scrapper’s torch by dedicated individuals, represent several periods from rail’s “Golden Age.” The cars offer groups small and large an opportunity to experience a nostalgic view of rail travel, while enjoying the comfort and convenience that today’s traveler expects.

Most private car journeys are on regularly scheduled Amtrak trains. Amtrak operates hundreds of daily trains to more destinations than any airline. Private cars can not operate on Amtrak’s Acela Express or Auto Train but, with just a few other exceptions, most other trains can accommodate private cars anywhere on the Amtrak system. There are also opportunities to travel by private train wherever the rails lead.