Why Charter A Private Rail Car?

Experience the world of Private Rail Car travel

Most often groups charter private cars for travel to sporting events, special events such as Mardi Gras or New Year’s, or to create a special atmosphere for a birthday party, wedding, company outing, or company Christmas party. Private rail cars are also useful for board meetings, executive outings, and other business functions like company seminars, where the group is free from outside interference. Private rail cars can also be utilized in special trains as unique convention events for larger groups.

Private cars are also used for small intimate groups and honeymoons. Business cars are perfect for a couple or family traveling together, and offer all the comfort of home for up to eight passengers.

Whatever the occasion, the members of AAPRCO have a wide variety of equipment available to meet your needs, from fabled private business cars to high capacity dome cars that give you wrap-around visibility to the scenic wonders along your journey. Our Equipment Types page describes the various types of cars in more detail.

There are some ideas for unique or popular destinations located in our destinations section or you can find out more on our Where do I start page.