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The Mission of AAPRCO

Our mission is to promote the ownership, safe operation, and enjoyment of the private passenger rail car.


We support the continued operation of a national network of corridor and long distance passenger trains that provide access for private railroad cars.

We have always seemed to have a love affair with trains. Not only did the railroads build America, they took travelers through their country rather than above it.

The railroad passenger car represents a more relaxed and civilized time and the private car is the epitome of the elegance and grace of a bygone era.

Those days can be recreated through travel on a PV (Private Varnish.) Men and women across the country have salvaged these magnificent pieces of history from the scrap yards and brought them back to life.

AAPRCO was formed as a national trade organization in 1977 as a not-for-profit corporation. By March of 1978 there were 54 active and associate members.  Membership now stands at around 550.

Three cars traveled to Chicago for the first convention in 1978. That has increased over the years.  21 cars participated in the 2016 convention special train that operated one way from Denver to Spokane.


Board of Directors and Staff


President, John Pearson 

Executive VP, Clark Johnson 

Secretary, Tom Lanahan 

Treasurer, David Rohr 

VP Amtrak Liaison, Tony Marchiando 

VP Transportation, Taylor Johnson 

VP Legal, Mike Margrave 

VP Washington Representative, Ross Capon 

Chief Mechanical Officer, Rob Mangels 


Adam Auxier 

DeWitt Chapple 

Bill Gray 

Dave Hoffman 

Mike Kelly 

Robert Menzies 

Kevin Moore 

Dale Parks 

John Pearson 

Rick Stone 


Director of Convention Services, Stephan Gerhardt

Executive Director, Julie King 

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