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Charter a Private Car

Private car travel is ideal for family adventures, wedding trips, celebrations, conventions, and special travel needs. From the restored luxury heavyweights built for rail executives to the pristine art deco of the mid-twentieth century, you can view the listings of cars available for charter below. 

Business Cars

Designed for use by railroad officials, the large majority of these cars are from the “heavy weight” or pre-WWII construction period (opposite of “streamlined”). Typically they come with kitchen, crew quarters, dining room seating six to 10, two to four bedrooms, lounge and open brass-railed platform. Some have fold-away beds in the dining room or lounge.

Coach Cars

The coach is the universal high density daytime rail travel vehicle, with washrooms typically at the ends. In luxury private car service, these cars are often fitted with long-distance leg-rests and adjustable seat backs. In some cases the seats may face each other with a table in between, creating an environment for playing cards or dining.

Dome Cars

A glass bubble above the roof line was popular in the construction of railroad passenger car fleets after WWII. Vista-Dome is one marketing term used, though there were others. The Vista-Dome provides an outstanding 360 degree view of the scenery you pass through. Vista-Domes were made in many styles, such as coach, diner, lounge and sleeper. Clearance limits prevent these from entering Boston and New York. Washington, however, is accessible on Amtrak via Pittsburgh and from the south.

Lounge/Cafe/Diner Cars

A lounge car (sometimes referred to as a buffet lounge, buffet car, club car or grill car) is a type of passenger car on a train, in which riders can purchase food and drinks. The car may feature large windows and comfortable seating to create a relaxing diversion from standard coach or dining options.

Observation Cars

A car with a rear lounge and rear-facing windows, intended to be placed at the end of a train. End may be closed, round, squared, or open rear platform. The forward and may contain the business car arrangement or any combination of lounge, dining, bar, or sleeping space.

Sleeper Cars

Often these cars have their entire length devoted to sleeping rooms (mostly) or some open sections (rarely). It is not unusual to find one or two bedrooms removed to provide food service, lounge or shower space.

Sleeper/Lounge Cars

This type of car will typically contain five or six double bedrooms, a small serving pantry with refrigerator (rail road name “buffet”). Some now have food preparation facilities as well. A lounge or casual seating area completes the car.

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